In addition to businesses, Paros Food supplies basic goods, but also luxury goods to many villas and individuals, as well as boats traveling to Paros and Antiparos.

Our potential includes associates-entrepreneurs of the supply chain, with an emphasis on consumer goods (FMCGs) and HO.RE.CA. Packaged food, refrigerator and freezer food, juices, detergents, personal hygiene items, , stationery, plastics and packaging are just some of the product categories we can supply the boats that will ask for it. Our range includes large Greek companies, all premium brands of multinationals, smaller companies with specialization and high quality, but also economical products of high value for money. The available packages are the normal ones, but also the big professional packaging ones.

Prices are wholesale, extremely competitive and in any case significantly lower than the market average.

The delivery of the products takes place in all the ports of Paros and Antiparos with trucks, in pre-agreed days and hours.

Any interested shipowner or skipper can contact us for the products they are interested in buying, with the special forms or the other ways of communication. The specialized staff of Paros Food will refer you to our online catalogs, will inform you about availability and prices and will undertake all the other details for the execution and delivery of your order.