Paros Food

Paros Food was founded in 2006 and is based in Isterni, Paros.

Staffed by highly experienced professionals in the food industry with the aim of covering the demanding field of catering in the catering facilities {HO.RE.CA} throughout Paros and Antiparos.

All these years of presence, cooperation and experience with large domestic suppliers, both domestic and global, have contributed to the creation of a dynamic long-term company with 4 strategic areas: Meat Trade, Coffee Trade, General Trade, Foodservice.

Paros Food, with the most complete range of products in Greece, supports catering professionals, not only with the best market prices but also consulting for innovative and profitable premium products, as well as for setting up a menu.

The range of products includes both Gourmet foods aimed at high gastronomy and Value for money products that combine quality with competitive price.

The selection of products is always based on the needs of the customers, thus achieving long-term cooperation.

Paros Food in an innovative collaboration with Aegean Gas Cyclades provides a complete as well as economical cooperation package to the entrepreneur, thus combining the provision and distribution of top foods with the distribution of LPG and the technical coverage of your kitchen.