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That’s because you must maintain a team, which includes salaries, benefits, and other hiring costs. In 2023, companies can pay anywhere from $0 to more than $300,000 for AI software. This software can range from a solution provided by a third-party to a custom platform developed by a team of in-house or freelance data scientists. It’s a question companies of all sizes (from enterprises to startups) are asking. Good news, this AI pricing guide covers all your questions about the cost of artificial intelligence, from the average rates to the pricing factors that determine what you pay. The AI developers hourly rates totally depends on the location and region as well as experience of the developers.

The global IT consulting market was valued at $53.7 billion in 2020, and it’s expected to reach $383 billion by 2026. The growing adoption of technological trends and ever-rising investment in advanced technologies will increase the demand for IT consulting. Whether you lead your AI initiatives in-house or collaborate with a partner, know that either decision will influence your AI software costs. If you decide to keep operations internal, plan for some additional expenses. The unemployment rate is still higher than before the layoff, but it is no longer increasing.

AI Developer Hourly Rates

IT consultants work within almost all industries and have deep domain expertise (healthcare, logistics, fintech, blockchain). If you’re looking for AI solutions that go beyond chatbots and into data analysis, there are options too. When it comes to AI, companies can choose from pre- or custom-built solutions.

ai consultant hourly rate

AI developer hourly rates in US ranges between $75 to $150 which is quite costly. Whereas AI developer hourly rates in India ranges between $50 to $75 which is affordable in the market. One of the primary factors influencing AI development salary rates is expertise. The more intricate these abilities are, the greater the average salary. Not every industry requires AI engineers, but for those that do, such as tech, finance, health care, and retail, AI engineer salaries can vary widely. For example, technology and finance companies tend to pay well across the board, so AI engineers who work for these industries will likely have salaries that are higher than average.

Factors influencing the salaries and rates of AI developers

Your team develops, launches, manages, and updates your AI solution. That means you maintain an in-house development and data scientist team. You can use analysis systems to make data-backed decisions when it comes to your sales and marketing initiatives, like paid advertising or search engine optimization (SEO). This data-driven approach can help your company improve advertising and marketing spend, as well as increase its returns. You can use chatbots on your website, as well as select social media platforms, like Facebook.

ai consultant hourly rate

The disadvantage is that recruiters and prospective employers may not effectively highlight their professional expertise and interests. Consequently, it may take some time for the two parties to establish trust and connections on LinkedIn. If you are seeking artificial intelligence expertise, several excellent online resources are available to employ talented AI developers.

What is an average AI engineer’s salary?

In some cases, companies may desire high-quality results but provide small datasets. That’s why the US consultants charge one of the highest IT consulting fees per hour — $100-$250. They also work with big industrial companies, but they’re not as expensive as enterprise-level ones. “Big class” companies have 100 to 1,000 consultants on staff and headquarters in different countries.

  • Also, it’s better to check their portfolio on their website or read reviews on Clutch or GoodFirms to be sure that you’ll get a good service.
  • It’s a good choice once you’ve worked with a consulting company for some time and ready to continue month-to-month cooperation.
  • Plus, you can work with specialized people for complex, one-time tasks.
  • You can choose from pre-built options that offer immense power and insight.
  • That’s why this guide on big data consulting rates broke down the average costs, as well as explained the pricing factors behind the numbers.

As an early, rather than later, adopter, your business can get ahead of competitors and capitalize on the benefits of AI, like by using dynamic pricing to boost revenue. Artificial intelligence offers immense value, and every business should try and take advantage of it. With AI, you can expedite processes, get value from company data, and provide clients with a better experience. In-house AI management gives your business complete responsibility when it comes to your AI.

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